What to do when you're bored?

We also want to start our own feed of creative ideas, so feel free to send us your stir crazed inspired activities. For now though, here's a list of three simple everyday tasks to help your days go by smoother.

1.) Make your bed! - We know you've probably heard it enough but making your bed can set the pace for the day. By giving you that keen sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning, many find themselves becoming more productive feeding off that morning energy. If anything it will take off a little stress knowing one part of your room looks clean.

2.) Find a course online - When you are bored, you are depriving your brain of dopamine. Meaning, after days of limited activity, learning might be just enough dopamine to actually make you stick to the task. Take advantage of this break from our fast paced lives to better yourself, it only takes a couple clicks these days.

3.) Creative Eats - We know food may be limited, but finding a recipe you've never made may be the perfect way to gather the family together willingly. This has all the ingredients for a fun night in, whether it tastes good, well, thats on you.

Bonus Tip - You don't just have to be creative with food, try your hand at art! There are endless possibilities to what you might end up with you just have to try.

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